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Unboxing BJ Sherriff Honey Rustler Jacket

Our customer, Gruff, was delighted to receive his order recently…  

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Kate Humble wears a Khaki suit whilst beekeeping with Wye Valley Mead

In her latest series … Escape to the Farm…. Kate goes beekeeping with Mark from Wye Valley Mead

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Honey Bee Calendar 2021 by The Bee Team young beekeepers club

The young beekeepers from The Bee Team have produced this beautifully photographed 2021 bee calendar – perhaps the most amazing fact is that the photographer is a young

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Refurbish you bee suit ready for next season

With the winter months ahead when the bees need less tending why not take advantage of our Repair and Re-veil Service. BJ Sherriff known for the Long Life protective clothing

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What a year… A Manuka beekeeping experience – by Shelley Glasspool

What a year!… It’s been too long sinse I last sat down to write a blog and it’s hard to know where to start. I guess I’ll start with last season (2018)

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First Bee Farmers Association Apprentice of 2017 – by Shelley Glasspool

My name is Shelley and I am the first new bee keeping apprentice of 2017 in the UK. It was never my intention to become a bee keeper, but whilst working in my local cafe I de

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