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Today, Brian and his daughter Angela run the business together along with a small, handpicked team of machinists and a friendly and very approachable office staff many of whom have worked with us over many years giving our business a family concept.

Both Brian and his daughter Angela take a hands-on and dedicated approach to the business. Brian can regularly be found in the cutting room, creating the next order of bee suits and protective clothing. And, when not at her desk managing the business, designing and marketing Angela regularly attends trade conventions, County and International shows to meet our beekeeping customers’ face to face.

Meet the Team

Most of the team have been with BJ Sherriff’s a long time and our employees are our most valued assets. They share the same passion and enthusiasm to enable us to achieve our high standards and excellent levels of customer satisfaction.

Brian Sherriff


Brian was ‘The Pioneer’ and entrepreneur behind BJ Sherriff and the Co-Inventor of the ‘no hat needed’ full Apiarist suit, Brian’s previous experience of manufacturing clothing and then as a commercial beekeeper enabled him, along with his wife Pat, to design and produce the first proto-type BJ Sherriff protective suit for beekeepers’ back in 1967.

“I found the first suit so practical and comfortable, that we started to market them in 1968.” – Brian Sherriff. To read more about ‘Our Story’ – Bras to Bees, click here.

Never one to want to retire in life, Brian often discusses business with Angela. Brian was formerly very active and before retiring, was avolunteer as a Senior Watch keeper for the National Coast Watch Institution, manning the Bass Point Look Out in Cornwall on the Lizard Peninsular. He also enjoyed his regular beekeeping study trips to far-flung places like Egypt and Trinidad and Tobago and is the Patron for Bees Abroad.and was actively involved with Bees for Development going on many of their expeditions to meet other beekeepers around the globe.

A true inspiration to all of us here at BJ Sherriff’ and to this day even puts up with the office banter!

Angela Sherriff


Angela Trained as a Piano Tuner and specialist woodwind repairer. However, being surrounded by the world of beekeeping from an early age it seemed natural to follow in her parent’s footsteps becoming a beekeeper herself and getting very involved in the honey production. Their first beekeeper’s convention took place in Savannah when Angela was still at school where they learnt that a Thumb Tack was the American way of saying Drawing Pin!!

She has a hand in designing and a lot of input in the developing of the clothing and is herself an experienced fabric cutter. She was instrumental in creating the business designing three ranges of gift items to start with –Honeybee, Bee happy and Skep then going on to build up this business which currently stocks in excess of 250 bee gift items.

Angela not only manages the business with the help of her closeknit team but is the creative genius behind the many projects, designs, marketing and conventions – never one to rest on her haunches she always has the next project in mind!

Married to Ron whom many of you may have already met at various conventions as he has been roped into the world of bees also!

Her main passions are: nature and wildlife-she crewed on a whale and dolphin charter ship and is a sponsor for owls along with supporting countless bee projects.

Fluent French speaker, Angela, is able to converse in other European languages being fascinated by them.

Angela enjoys renovating her barn in the Haute-Vienne whenever she has the opportunity to head over there.

The Machinists

A hand-picked selection of Cornwall’s most dedicated, skilled and professional machinists’.

“I love seeing the BJ Sherriff clothing on TV and in magazines. Just thinking, that could have been one which I have made.” – retired machinist Wendy.

Each garment has the initials of the machinist who put the care and attention to bring it to life.

The Office Team

A good-hearted, fun and dedicated bunch, who strive to deliver excellent products and customer service.

Pat – “ I am the machinist who breathes life back into the garments that come into our repairi department and specialist VBee Farmer Vest maker. I find repairing garments and bringing them back to their former glory interesting but sometimes challenging!”

Jo – “ As Trade Business Assistant I have my work cut out dispatching large consignments of beekeeping suits and jackets around the globe“

Steve – “I am the Cutter – the first port of call when garments need to be cut for stock or bespoke”

Lisa – ‘Mrs Meerkat’ or also known as ‘Mrs Magic’.

“I love working at BJ Sherriff’s. There’s a really great team atmosphere here, as well as an honest and sincere ‘gentlemanly’ approach to business. Working here has reinvigorated my passion for business and marketing, because it’s a business with a great product range, inspirational ethos and a company I truly believe in.” – Lisa

Ebony –Formerly Chief Stamp Licker and looking very important in her director’s chair.

“I have the most wonderful job, I get to look gracious and important and get all the credit for everything everyone else does.” – Ebony