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A big thanks for my beesuit, fits like a glove. Well worth paying to have it fitted as I am one of those rare shape persons, I was so impressed from the initial enquiry to the end product.

Also to the tailor ‘SA’, quality stitching, quality fabric and the price.

I have wasted money on inferior products and as a new beekeeper starting my second year, I have been through three suits from other companies.

- Steve, UK

We just like the suits, for sure they are the best in the world.

- Philip, UK

You were suggested by a beekeeper and I’ve been informed that you are the Rolls Royce of bee suits.

- Ms Hull

Thank you so much for the outstanding service for sending my order so fast … The guys are grateful and so are we!

- L Stander, Commercial Honey Producer USA


I received my invoice last week and the jacket today and just wanted to let you know that I appreciate very much how you processed my order for shipment. My packages from other countries usually get stuck at the border for weeks and I have to pay duty.

And let’s not forget to mention the jacket – it is beautiful, thoughtfully designed and very well made. I am very pleased!

Thank you!

- Ms May

My son and myself run about 100 colonies and raise queen bees in all sorts of
weather. Our previous bee suits were on their last legs. At the Spring convention
I purchased 2 of your suits and we are extremely happy with them. They are
comfortable and of course are bee proof. Thank you.

- Tom R, York (UK)

Hello Angela, Wow! The BJ Sherriff QueenSafe™ bag arrived today!

Thank you so much.

It’s great.

It lives up to its photo and more.

It’s compact when folded, but very roomy with plenty of space for hands and tools when open.

We like the adjustable sleeve fastenings, the sleeve length is good, and the mesh panel has plenty of space to see what’s happening inside.

It’s lightweight, comfortable, and flexible to wear, the white panel gives good visibility, and the cuffs standing away from the arms give space to work.

I have given it its own bag to prevent it snagging when we take it out.

We love the Your queens will be lost slogan as well.

Thank you too for the key rings. They will be used in the apiary.

Let’s hope we have better days ahead,

Best wishes, Maryqueensafebag1 275x300 QueenSafe Bag

- QueenSafe Bag