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Apiarist – White *BEST SELLER for 53 years*

Apiarist - White

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Product Description

Our beekeeping Apiarist Full bee suit with integral hood with our unique ClearView veil so you see your bees perfectly clearly and ‘the Original’, is without compare. First designed by B J Sherriff whilst running 400 bee hives in 1968.

Our White protective bee suit is the item of beekeepers safety wear that has been the most tried and tested.

The Apiarist offers extremely good overall protection

  • made of a fine weave smooth finish quality polyester cotton which is both highly protective and robust – the smooth finish enables bees to rest on fabric and fly away again without getting their feet caught in fabric fibres. Known as the Long Life clothing as many beekeepers Apiarist suits last for many many years“after 40 years of beekeeping I’ve only managed to wear out one Sherriff’s suit, I’m enjoying the protection of the new one, in use almost every day between March & October ……. regards John, Capstone Valley Honey Fife Scotland.”
  • Whether you are a novice beekeeper or a professional the Apiarist offers a very high level of security.
  • Our safety wear comes in a variety of sizes which are designed to be roomy to fit over regular clothing  – to ascertain the correct size please use our conversion chart with videos on how to measure for your perfect fit.
  • Our ClearView veiling unique to BJ Sherriff’s has been designed for perfection in viewing so you can see your bees better- it is airy and non claustrophobic.
  • Cuff are elasticated and ankles also have zips so that leg section can be pulled on without having to remove footwear
  • Many useful pockets for pens, hive tools, Epipen, matches etc. and within the thigh pocket is a key clip for house and car keys

It comes with a recommendation endorsed by thousands of beekeepers, professionals and hobbyists alike and is the only garment on the market today which has BJ Sherriff’s unique ClearView face net which gives near perfect viewing and makes all the difference when looking at your bees. Unlike copies of our hood design we don’t use square screen mesh but our researched purpose made veiling specifically for beekeepers to see through.

NEW: now with wide elastic cuffs at wrist with strong velcro adjuster.

5 year Warranty on all zips

15 years average lifespan


As worn by Chef James Martin on his programme ‘Food Map of Britain’ first shown on BBC2 18.30pm (GMT) 27 September 2013  where he was assisting Marcus, a beekeeper with hives on the Yorkshire Moors and later  demonstrated using the rich heather honey in a ‘roly-poly’ fruit meringue dessert!

Known as the long life suit due to the exceptional overall quality fabric and sturdy construction with the clearest veil on the market today - it offers you excellent vision and more enjoyable beekeeping. The perfect choice for your apiary needs.

The Apiarist comprises a roomy boiler suit/coverall with drop sleeves and robust central vertical zip. Hood is completely detatchable by means of our Sherriff’s Twin-zip system, or removed completely for easy laundering. The hood can be thrown back when not in use to rest lightly on shoulders.

Features: the easy pull zippers at collar, front and ankles are tough. Extra strength stitching, elasticated back waist and ankles, thumb loop to retain cuff in position,  velcro flapped breast pockets (pen pocket), roomy hip/thigh pockets, hive tool pocket and EPIPEN pouch, key ring clip in lower pocket to keep house and car keys safe.

Fabric: luxury hard wearing polycotton that won’t shrink or fade.

Veil: Sherriff’s own sturdy ClearView black nylon mesh for exceptional vision and protection.

To maximise your overall protection, twin with our WBT Wellington boots/APV ankle protectors and glove selection, GL2, GL3, BGL.

NB Sherriff’s recommend that regular clothing be worn under this product which is classifed as workwear.

Customers tell us “Once you’ve had a Sherriff suit there really isn’t any comparison”

“you were suggested by a beekeeper and I’ve been informed that you are the Rolls Royce of bee suits” R.Hull, UK

“It’s great to buy from a traditional supplier that still manufactures in this country”

“I would also thank you for prompt delivery of the further five veils which have made moving 1,400 open entranced hives to the heather, with the help of non beekeeping labour, so much easier” Yours sincerely P Wallace Quince Honey Farm

“I have a savage hive & they beat against my face in vain. I am very grateful for your suit, quite the best for my shoulder limitations.”Kind regards E. Dimock,Somerset

“I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I’m not entirely sure how many Sherriff suits I own!  What I can say is that the first one I purchased is still going strong. Great kit!” B. Maurer. UK

“Right now I am hearing new beekeepers comparing suits and hearing amazing deals etc etc. But, am sorry to learn that some of these suits only lasting a season or two. And, many have little design faults. I so often hear that Sherriff are the best but a little expensive. But, you get what you pay for. Our beginners are totally amazed by my Sherriff suit which I bought from you in 1985 and is still in excellent condition. Think when it comes to bee suits we should say, “Buy cheap, buy five or six times! I am only sorry, that is unlikely that I will be buying a another suit from you for the above reasons because they last so long! But, at least I can thoroughly recommend you to our new beekeepers” Best Wishes, Peter UK


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Additional Information

Weight 2.05 kg
Dimensions 50 x 42 x 10 cm