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Bee Farmer – Vest and Hood

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S21.(B) SIDE HOOD UP - 1200 X 1200


Product Description

Our cool and practical sleeveless Bee Farmer, rib-cage length, net vest with veil is designed to be worn under your coverall/boilersuit.

There is a single horizontal collar zip with ring-pull, which when undone, allows the hood to be drawn back over the head to rest on the shoulders until needed but is not detachable.

The Bee Farmer has the same ©ClearView veil used in all Sherriff garments which not only offers exceptional vision but is light and airy too.

Aptly named the Bee Farmer because the Bee Farmers Association members switched to using our Bee Farmer hoods in the 1970′s!

Customers tell us ” Have had a veil of yours for twenty years, so coming back for the best”  K from New Zealand

“We are big fans of the bee farmer veils…what a great product!” Murray from Hannigan Honey Inc

All openings are elasticated and can be tightened or adjusted.

Hood: Quality Polyester Cotton

Veil: Black nylon mesh

Vest: White 100% polyseter netting.