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Beekeeper – White Nylon

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Product Description

B J Sherriff’s ultra lightweight all over protective beekeeper’s suit with integral hood and veil has a slick outer which is so shiny that bees find in hard to get a grip!

You won’t find this garment anywhere else on the market being specially designed by Sherriff’s whilst working their bees at their own apiary – South Cornwall Honey Farm.

Lightweight and comfortable this suit weighs half the weight of its counterpart in polyester cotton and offers the wearer extremely good protection. This garment is solidly constructed with reinforced taped seams.

The body section is machine washable but the hood should be hand washed.
This is traditionally the garment favoured by professional beekeepers working in warmer climates.

Due to the type of fabric this garment may not have the longevity of its counterpart the S36.Apiarist in polyester cotton – however, the ‘plus’ is in the weightlessness and airy fabric.

Twin with our GL3.Washable Leather Gloves or BGL.Blue Latex Gloves with gauntlet.

NB. The S66. Beekeeper is made to order – please allow 28 days delivery Mainland UK.

*Product may differ slightly from photographs.