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BeePro Beekeeping Suit – * Fully Lined – White

BeePro - White


Product Description


The BeePro due to popularity is MADE to ORDER and there is currently a short lead time of two to three weeks.

For up to date information on the BeePro please contact + 44 1872 863304

B J Sherriff’s B36 BeePro ultra protective beekeeping suit has been specifically designed to protect those sensitive to bee stings.

On the outside this suit looks very similar to our S36 Apiarist bee suit, however, the BeePro is quite different ….

B J Sherriff’s BeePro range features the B36 BeePro a new innovation in the form of  a Beekeepers safety suit with a New style net lining acting as an extra Bodyshield.

The thickness of the new substantial liner net holds the outer layer of the garment more than the depth of an average bee sting away from the body.

The BeePro is fully lined with a deep net in the hood, side veil torso, sleeve and thigh. Extra protection where it’s needed!

A removable bar can be easily inserted in the top of the hood to keep the veil rigid and away from the face

BJ Sherriff’s B36.Beepro is particularly effective where extra protection is required by the wearer who may be over sensitive to stings.

However, our ever popular high quality long lasting S36.Apiarist bee suit offers extremely good overall protection.

Our well made bee suit when treated with care and if wash care instructions are followed will serve the wearer for many years.

General clothing should be worn under this suit which should not be worn on bare skin. Protective footwear, wellingtons or walking boots with ankle protectors such as our APV or APZ. Good quality protective gloves with gauntlets should also be worn and we suggest our GL3. Washable leather gloves or GL6. Washable leather gloves with extra long gauntlets or BGL. Blue latex gloves.

Customers tell us ” I have been using my BeePro suits since I’ve had them and they are entirely wonderful. I haven’t been stung while wearing them and as a result, I am a lot more confident in my handling of the bees and in my safety. I can’t thank you enough ” J.H.

Tested in apiaries at home and abroad.

Individually made to order only. This is a high specification bee suit and you may be asked to complete our special measurement form.

Please allow up to 28 days delivery.

Responsibly manufactured solely by B J Sherriff in Cornwall, England using ethically sourced materials and components within the UK.

Veil: Sherriff’s ClearView mesh for exceptional vision and protection

Outer fabric: Quality polyester cotton

Net liner: Deep thickness quality polyester (may vary)

NB Up to date photo coming soon…

Designed by Brian Sherriff in 1975

NB This garment is supplied solely as work wear for beekeeping or pest control. No responsibility can be taken by B J Sherriff should you receive a flying insect sting(s) whilst wearing this product. We do not guarantee that you will not receive a sting whilst wearing the BeePro and therefore it is the wearers responsibility to ensure adequate clothing is worn underneath, along with purpose made suitable thickness gloves and footwear and care should be taken when working with bees, wasps or other flying insects at all times. Take sensible precautions – do not go out beekeeping alone and seek other advice on best times to visit your bees, avoid strong smelling perfumes, after shave and scented hair or laundry products. Avoid spicy foods and garlic before visiting your bees. If you are allergic or feel that you are becoming more sensitive to stings, you are advised to check with your GP or Health Practitioner as to suitable medication you should carry with you in case of an allergic reaction such as an *Epipen (or similar automatic injection) for acute allergic reactions.