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Child’s Two Piece with Gloves- Buttermilk

127274_2127274_1127274_3CHILDS TWO PIECE in Buttermilk MAIN watermarkedC2.BUTTERMILK Holding LEG MOCHA SUIT - MAIN-USE

From: £72.69

Product Description

We feel that it is very important for children to be well protected when helping with the bees. Sherriff’s children’s Two-piece Bee suit comes only in sturdy supreme polycotton twill material and offers a high level of protection.

General clothing should be worn underneath.

Smock section  is made from strong polycotton twill with Sherriff’s ClearvView mesh for exceptional vision *Hood not detachable

Trousers are made from strong polycotton twill, with elastic hems and waistband with two useful hip pockets.

For overall protection twin with a pair of Childrens gloves and gauntlets – either CGL2 Sheepskin leather with gauntlet FREE above.

Or you may like to purchase CGL3. Washable Leather in size 5.

For sizing refer to Size chart

CGL2. FREE GLOVES are included with your order.

Responsibly manufactured solely by B J Sherriff in Cornwall, England using ethically sourced materials and components within the UK.

This item is VAT exempt