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Hive Transit Net – ref: HTN


Product Description

Our Hive Transit Net for Single Hive was designed by Brian Sherriff in the 1980′s when doing swarm collection, transporting bees for pollination and taking hives to the heather.

Our simple Hive Transit Net is made from strong white breathable polyester netting and is made in a rectangular shape to easily slip over a single box hive with floor, a brood box, queen excluder, one super and roof. A substantial tape is sewn around the bottom opening edge with elastic running through it which can be drawn tight using an elastic adjuster toggle around the base of the hive. This secures the hive ensuring no bees can escape and in this way the bees can be transported safely in your car or vehicle in the safe knowledge that no bees can escape.

  • Swarm Collection – use our handy hive net when collecting swarms. If you collect your swarm in a cardboard box as many beekeepers do. Simply place your cardboard box in the net and draw the cord closed.
  • Transporting a hive – carry bees in your car , van or truck knowing that bees are securely contained within the hive net.
  • Our hive net fits one x single hive with brood, super and roof.
  • White only
  • Designed by Brian Sherriff

Additional Information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 18 x 30 x 10 cm


One size only

One size only