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Plants for Bees by W.D.J.Kirk

Plants for bees - (A)


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Plants for Bees: A Guide to the Plants That Benefit the Bees of the British Isles
by William D . J . Kirk Author 2012 Hardback
This book is probably the best on the subject and certainly will give the reader a great deal of insight in to which flowers and plants yield pollen, nectar etc.
If you are planning a bee friendly garden, large or small, and want to encourage not only all types of bees but butterflies and insects in general this book is a must…
I started by reading all about the glossy bright yellow flowering St John’s Wart which grows wild on the wall up the road from where we live – it has a curious aroma and the bees cluster on it foraging for pollen as the book informed me and I couldn’t put the book down after that…
Angela Sherriff

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