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Pollen Identification Cards

Pollen Card on ring binder


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Product Description

When studying a bee with often brightly coloured pollen baskets on their legs – have you ever wondered what plant, flower or tree the bee has been foraging on to produce that colour pollen? These flip cards (10 pages in all) on a ring  ‘show the colours of pollen loads collected by honey bees. Each month depicts the colours for the plants that are most frequently visited by honey bees’. This can be fun for the whole family to try and identify where the pollen comes from… By W D J Kirk Produced by IBRA A book written by the same author ‘Plants for Bees’ helps you plan your garden to be bee and pollinator friendly – it also explains which flowers etc provide the bees with nectar, pollen and propolis etc.

Additional Information

Weight .08 kg
Dimensions 16 x 11 x .5 cm