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Update on London Marathon

Ian Wallace from Quince Honey Farm running the London Marathon in orange BJ Sherriff beekeeping suit

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On April 24 2016, Ian Wallace, from  Quince Honey Farm, ran the Virgin London Marathon in aid to raise money for Bees Abroad, a charity which relieves poverty through beekeeping. 

We have been following Ian’s story and to show our support donated one of our high quality beekeeping suits to Ian, so that he could promote beekeeping and the charity during his 26 mile marathon.

Ian said: “On the day, it was perfect running conditions and the bright BJ Sherriff orange coloured suit helped me promote beekeeping and the good it brings to both people and bees.

“The marathon did get really tough towards the end but spectators kept shouting ‘Go on beekeeper’ and ‘Save the bees!’ which kept me going.”

“A fantastic experience.”

Ian finished the London Marathon in 3hrs 33.09 and raised more than £1000 for Bees Abroad.

Bees Abroad is a small UK-registered charity seeking to reduce poverty through beekeeping. Volunteer Project Managers assess and support beekeeping projects in developing countries world wide. They use their expertise, working in the local communities, to develop a viable project which will become self-sustainable.

People can donate money for the Bees Abroad project via Ian’s just giving page. Click to donate.