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Your Queens will be lost without one!

QueenSafe Bag for manipulating queen bees

Thank you so much to Mary who has tested our latest innovation – the QueenSafe Bag!

QueenSafe Bag with tube cage 295x300 Your Queens will be lost without one!collapsed 300x300 Your Queens will be lost without one!

Wow! The QueenSafe bag arrived today!

Thank you so much.

It’s great.

It lives up to its photo and more.

It’s compact when folded, but very roomy with plenty of space for hands and tools when open.

We like the adjustable sleeve fastenings, the sleeve length is good, and the mesh panel has plenty of space to see what’s happening inside.

It’s lightweight, comfortable, and flexible to wear, the white panel gives good visibility, and the cuffs standing away from the arms give space to work.

I have given it its own bag to prevent it snagging when we take it out.

We love the Your queens will be lost slogan as well.

Mary 25 March 2021